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Midwest Cardiovascular Institute Partners with Objective Medical Systems to Improve Workflows and Enhance Care Delivery

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Integration of OMS EHR, diagnostic and analytics solutions supports Illinois-based group cardiovascular practice with increasing physician efficiency, reducing readmissions, and improving patient care help

Houma, La. — December 15, 2021 – Objective Medical Systems (OMS), a leading Health Information Technology provider, announced the seamless implementation of their Cardiovascular Information System (EHR, Diagnostic structured reporting, Population Health  Analytics, and Remote Patient Monitoring) by the Midwest Cardiovascular Institute (MCI).

With the OMS platform, the Illinois-based MCI team of cardiologists will have the ability to streamline their clinical workflow leading to enhanced productivity, physician efficiency, quality of care, and improved patient outcomes.

“Partnering with Objective Medical Systems has been a strategic investment for our 20-plus physician practice at a time when more patients are seeking cardiac care, which may have been put off at the start of the pandemic,” said Jacob Corbell, CEO of Midwest Cardiovascular Institute. “This comprehensive, integrated solution enables our cardiologists to gain a 360-degree view of the patient. Reporting and accessing diagnostic studies directly from the platform provides tremendous clinical and operational efficiency. In addition, seamless monitoring of key clinical cardiovascular metrics across our patient population will ultimately enhance the quality of care.”

Included in the implementation are four OMS Software solutions:

  • OMS Electronic Health Record: This cardiovascular specialty-specific EHR allows MCI physicians to access critical clinical information – including diagnostic tests and results – without logging into a different application or platform. Enhanced by artificial intelligence, the OMS EHR reduces information overload by filtering relevant patient data and providing timely information to support each visit.
  • OMS Trace Analytics: Offers a dedicated analytical dashboard to deliver deep clinical insights for cardiovascular diseases, including hypertension, dyslipidemia, atrial fibrillation (Afib), heart failure, coronary artery disease, and peripheral artery disease.
  • OMS Diagnostics Reporting: An intuitive structured diagnostic reporting solution that creates, interprets, and reports on a wide array of diagnostic modalities like echocardiogram, myocardial perfusion imaging, PET, Holter, EKG, and ambulatory cardiac telemetry.
  • OMS Chronic Care Management (OMS C3®): OMS C3® remote patient monitoring and management platform plug seamlessly into native EHR’s to help it work harder, guiding staff through care plan creation, simplifying patient engagement through VOIP or videoconferencing, automatically logging patient interaction time, and automating charge creation.

“For cardiology practices with multiple locations like Midwest Cardiovascular Institute, managing vital patient information is paramount to ensuring the highest quality care is delivered,” said Dr. Vinod Nair, president and chief software architect for Objective Medical Systems and a practicing interventional cardiologist. “Through this strategic partnership, MCI cardiologists will now have access to the innovative solutions needed to efficiently present actionable information to all care team members while improving patient outcomes, reducing workflow pain-points, and supporting best-care practices for cardiology.”

To learn more about how the Objective Medical Systems technology suite of EHR software and diagnostic tools is helping cardiologists optimize clinical quality and operational workflows, saving time and money for both providers and patients, visit:

About Midwest Cardiovascular Institute

Midwest Cardiovascular Institute (MCI) is a team of 20+ cardiologists and advanced practice nurses providing comprehensive cardiovascular care in Naperville and Elmhurst, Illinois. MCI is dedicated to putting patients first through clinical excellence, communication, and compassion with the mission to provide the highest-quality cardiovascular care available. MCI cardiologists represent nearly every specialty in heart and vascular medicine, including treatment of coronary artery disease, peripheral vascular disease, valve disease, structural heart defects, electrophysiology, advanced heart failure, interventional cardiology, venous disease, nuclear cardiology, and lipid management. To learn more, visit

About Objective Medical Systems

Objective Medical Systems is a health information technology company that focuses on Cardiovascular software solutions for busy cardiology departments and practices across the nation. OMS was founded on the belief that discrete data and background analysis will revolutionize the practice of medicine, improve patient care, increase physician efficiency, and reduce errors. The OMS software solution was developed and inspired by leading cardiologists in each sub-specialty of cardiology. By maintaining a narrow focus on cardiology, OMS can offer an elaborate, powerful, and user-intuitive solution.

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