Intuitive Solutions for Your
Cardiovascular Practice

Remote patient monitoring made easy.


Intuitive Solutions for Your
Cardiovascular Practice

Leverage your data to unlock
opportunities for your practice.


Intuitive Solutions for Your
Cardiovascular Practice

Enhance clinical operations and
quality with a Cardiovascular specific
EHR for your practice.


Intuitive Solutions for Your
Cardiovascular Practice

Your complete solution for
cardiovascular diagnostic reporting


Benefits for Patients, Practitioners, and Organizations

Collect real-time information about their at-risk patients without extra work for the practice.

patient retention at one year

patients find the product helpful

Chronic Care Management Made As Easy as 1‑2‑3

Cardiovascular Reporting tools

Step 1: Sign Up Patients

We offer support to help you enroll patients, who welcome the opportunity to maintain better communications with their medical provider.

Step 2: Monitor Patients

Staff members access a color-coded dashboard that highlights patients requiring attention, allowing early intervention to reduce hospitalizations and improve outcomes.

Step 3: Streamline Compliance and Reimbursement

The software automatically captures time expended on interactions, prepares a monthly billing report for your PMS and maintains logs to verify compliance.

Take a Quick, 20-minute Tour of Our Chronic Care Management Software

During your demo, one of our experts will walk you through all the easy-to-use features within our award-winning software, including:

  • Examples of the individualized surveys your patients will complete
  • The easy-to-use dashboard that makes remote patient monitoring simple and efficient
  • Our Integrated system that allows you to easily track your time for billing purposes and maximize your reimbursement
  • Insights into new CMS regulations and the numerous CPT billing codes available to you for reimbursement
Cardiovascular technology

“Objective Medical Systems has emerged as a medical necessity for our practice with its new-age medical software solution enabling our healthcare providers to continue to deliver the highest quality of care in this new era of ever changing requirements. Their application is easy to navigate and allows us to enhance our research capabilities.”

Dr. Craig WalkerFounder, President, practicing cardiologist, Cardiovascular Institute of the South

This system is unique in which the application has a friendly user interface that is not cluttered and the workflow navigates well as compared to other systems I have used in the past. It also has allowed me to enhance productivity and quality which is the key when selecting a long-term solution for a busy practice.

Dr. Deepak ThekkoottInterventional Cardiologist, Medical Director, Director of Interventional Cardiology, Cath Lab Services and Chest Pain Center, Lane Regional Medical Center

The OMS reporting system has improved the way that we are able to get reports out much more efficiently. Our turnaround time for Echo and Stress reporting has definitely improved and we are receiving fewer calls for reports because they are available in the electronic medical record a lot sooner now. The OMS system has made a vast improvement in this area.

Natalie Shanklin-SteibCardiorespiratory Care Diagnostics Coordinator, Terrebonne General Medical Center

We wanted a program that was strictly cardiology. A lot of other vendors, although they have cardiology content, lack the granularity that this program provides. It’s also tailored and customized for a high-volume busy cardiology practice that sees thousands of cases a day across multiple sites.

Nick BenoitDirector of Health Information Management , Cardiovascular Institute of the South

Explore the Objective Medical Systems Technology Suite

Electronic Health Record

Certified, intuitive, and exclusively for cardiology

Trace Analytics

Enhance value-based care with our cloud platform for the analysis and reporting of critical cardiovascular metrics.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Measure patients' vital information remotely.

Diagnostic Reporting

Create, interpret and report on diagnostic modalities

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