Artificial Intelligence platform for Practices and Hospitals

The Cardiolytica™ platform is an Artificial Intelligence platform designed for solving operational and clinical use cases in physician practices and hospitals.

The HIPAA-certified cloud-hosted platform uses the FHIR® standard to establish bi-directional integration making it easy to interface to an existing electronic medical records system.  This can result in increased practice revenue with a minimal financial investment.

The Cardiolytica™ platform enables practices to enhance profitability, reduce physician burnout, and improve clinical quality.

Some of our solutions are

  1. Predicting patient no shows
  2. Patient facing chatbots
  3. Simplifying and enhancing diagnosis selection
  4. Prediction of Diastolic Dysfunction from EKG and more..

With the Cardiolytica™ platform, measurable results are within your grasp. Talk to us to embark on your AI journey.

The Financial Impact of Cardiology No-Shows

Approximately 10-12% of patients do not keep their appointments (No-shows). For a 10-physician cardiology practice, this can have a dramatic impact on revenue.

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