Electronic Health Record

Enhance clinical quality and operations with a Cardiovascular specialty EHR

Comprehensive data management

A 360-degree View of Your Patients

The OMS EHR is ONC 2015 Edition Certified Cardiovascular EHR and is tightly integrated with 15 cardiovascular diagnostic modules (echo, myocardial perfusion imaging…), enabling a 360-degree view of the patient. Clinical decision support rules are based on 5000+ discrete data elements per patient encompassing demographics, clinical history, labs, diagnostic tests as well as medications and allergies.

Utilizing the OMS Clinical Decision Support System, retrospectively search your patient population, or seamlessly develop prospective rules which trigger automatically. You may also quickly identify patients that are candidates for clinical trials or medical device trials.

Real Time Formulary and Benefits

Electronic prior authorization

Electronic prescription of controlled substances

Voice recognition enabled

Appropriate use criteria

Artificial Intelligence embedded

Integrated with OMS Diagnostics Reporting

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