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OMS Diagnostics® is a cardiovascular diagnostic reporting solution which provides an integrated solution to physicians and technologists to create, interpret and report on a wide array of diagnostic modalities like Echocardiogram, Myocardial Perfusion Imaging, PET, Holter, EKG, and Ambulatory Cardiac Telemetry.

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Module Spotlight:

Lower Extremity Venous Reflex

The OMS Diagnostics® lower extremity venous reflux ultrasound module allows the end user the ability to document lower extremity peripheral reflux disease. It allows for the documentation of abnormal structures, stenosis and anatomic abnormalities. Lower extremity venous ultrasound reports are impressive and comprehensive with selected statements generating the narrative. The presence or absence of thrombus and insufficiency is readily available in the table. The illustration displays the completed vessels as they are entered. The preliminary reports are immediately available for signing.

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