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Empower your organization to stay current with value-based care and everchanging healthcare requirements through innovative technology. Utilize technology to streamline your healthcare environment, fuel higher-quality care for patients while improving Physician workflows and satisfaction.

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Advanced Technology
The OMS cardiology EHR and diagnostics software was developed by leading cardiologists, and integrates directly with your medical device.
Cardiology Solutions
By maintaining a narrow focus on cardiology, OMS is able to offer elaborate, powerful, and user-intuitive solutions.
24/7 Availability
We look forward to supporting your practice or hospital cardiology service line every hour, every day.


Comprehensive EHR
Certified, intuitive, and exclusively for cardiology
Invasive Cardiology
Cath lab reporting via a 3-D image of the heart
Non-Invasive Cardiology
Structured reporting on 15 non-invasive cardiology modules. Diagnostic data is captured directly from medical devices, saving time while also reducing errors
5000+ Discrete Data Elements
Vastly more cardiovascular analytics offer greater insight
Seamless Mobility iOS Patient App
Clinical information available online for convenience
Nuance Enabled Dictation
Nuance Health Development Platform enabled dictation allows greater freedom


Turnaround Time

Diagnostic report finalized within 48 hour before OMS.
Diagnostic report finalized within 48 hours after OMS.

Benefits from OMS

Dramatically improve efficiency while increasing quality of care, bettering financial outcomes, and mitigating risk.

Physicians have learned that there cannot be a one size fits all approach to technology. Cardiology workflow is vastly different from other specialties, and we offer a technology suite built exclusively for you.

Frustrated by free-text typing? So are we, and our solutions are built around minimizing your need to do so.