Objective Medical Systems and White Plume Technologies combine EHR and
charge capture for advanced interface connectivity, increased efficiency

Objective Medical Systems (OMS) and White Plume Technologies, two leading medical software companies, have formed a landmark partnership that will streamline how cardiology practices across the nation enter, capture, and report data. This collaboration delivers powerfully simple information management to cardiologists and their clinics through a hybrid electronic health record (EHR) system that can be utilized simultaneously for charge capture.

OMS, a cardiovascular practice-focused electronic health record vendor founded by heart specialists, has worked with White Plume and its AccelaCapture™ system to deliver tightly integrated EHR, charge capture solution to physicians that eliminates a key bottleneck in workflow.

While AccelaCapture™ and AccelaSmart™ provide great solutions for charge capture consolidation and superbill generation respectively, OMS works closely with White Plume to capture and deliver the charges without sacrificing user experience of the EHR and physician productivity. This advanced feature provides cardiologists with a comprehensive yet simplified 360-degree view of patient information and the ability to transition to a digital paperless environment without having to change the way they currently operate.

10 key highlights of the integrated solution:

  1. OMS EHR provides a user-friendly drag-and-drop functionality wherein physicians can easily sort their diagnosis in the order of priority. This functionality is integral to the problem list documentation for the visit. OMS EHR supports prioritization up to 20 diagnoses.
  2. Maximizes physician productivity by streamlining diagnosis selection.
  3. OMS EHR guides the provider to choose the type and level of a patient visit prior to signing off on the visit. This ensures that all visits are appropriately coded upstream in the workflow. This eliminates ambiguity for coders and billers downstream as they finalize the superbill for the patient and also eliminates any leakage in revenue.
  4. There are no third party systems or interfaces that the Physician needs to log into which disrupts the patient encounter workflow. Charge ticket is transmitted to White Plume AccelaCapture™ as soon as the visit note is finalized.
  5. No more paper-based super bills and associated document management activities.
  6. OMS EHR is complaint to ICD-10.
  7. OMS EHR provides flexibility to the providers to retransmit the charges if required.
  8. Cardiovascular practices leverage diagnostic studies extensively. OMS EHR provides a seamless solution for technologists and nursing staff to enter charges for diagnostic studies and ancillary services right from within OMS EHR.
  9. Single Sign-on functionality within OMS EHR ensures that enterprise user security for charge capture process is leveraged.
  10. AccelaSMART ensures an extremely efficient revenue cycle by ensuring coders and biller are able to review and validate the superbill within hours of the conclusion of the patient encounter.

Physicians have always had to bear the dual responsibilities of providing the best care to patients and generate revenue to sustain their practices. Of late, the administrative, legal, and federal compliance overheads on physicians have steadily crept up. This dichotomy oftentimes constrains the physician in being able to provide the best quality of care for their patients. The partnership between White Plume and OMS alleviates these concerns and more through this integrated, state-of-the-art cardiovascular EHR and charge capture system.

About Objective Medical Systems
Objective Medical Systems is a health information technology company that focuses on cardiology software solutions for busy cardiology departments and practices across the nation. OMS was founded on the belief that discrete data and background analysis will revolutionize the practice of medicine, improve patient care, increase physician efficiency and reduce errors. To learn more about OMS and its solutions, visit omscardiology.com.

About White Plume Technologies
White Plume Technologies accelerates the charge capture and coding process to fill the EMR gap between current EMR functionality and the much hoped for “ideal” EMRs of the future. White Plume solutions help practices prepare for PQRS, payment reform, HIX, and ICD-10. To learn more about White Plume and its solutions, visit whiteplume.com.