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Empower your organization to stay current with value-based care and everchanging healthcare requirements through innovative technology. Utilize technology to streamline your healthcare environment, fuel higher-quality care for patients while improving Physician workflows and satisfaction.

Groundbreaking cardiology EHR and diagnostics that provide cardiologists with the tools needed for higher efficiency and greater patient care.

Electronic Health Record

Certified, intuitive, and exclusively for cardiology

Trace Analytics

Enhance value-based care with our cloud platform for the analysis and reporting of critical cardiovascular metrics.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Measure patients' vital information remotely.

Diagnostic Reporting

Create, interpret and report on diagnostic modalities


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“Objective Medical Systems has emerged as a medical necessity for our practice with its new-age medical software solution enabling our healthcare providers to continue to deliver the highest quality of care in this new era of ever changing requirements. Their application is easy to navigate and allows us to enhance our research capabilities.”

Dr. Craig WalkerFounder, President, practicing cardiologist, Cardiovascular Institute of the South

This system is unique in which the application has a friendly user interface that is not cluttered and the workflow navigates well as compared to other systems I have used in the past. It also has allowed me to enhance productivity and quality which is the key when selecting a long-term solution for a busy practice.

Dr. Deepak ThekkoottInterventional Cardiologist, Medical Director, Director of Interventional Cardiology, Cath Lab Services and Chest Pain Center, Lane Regional Medical Center

The OMS reporting system has improved the way that we are able to get reports out much more efficiently. Our turnaround time for Echo and Stress reporting has definitely improved and we are receiving fewer calls for reports because they are available in the electronic medical record a lot sooner now. The OMS system has made a vast improvement in this area.

Natalie Shanklin-SteibCardiorespiratory Care Diagnostics Coordinator, Terrebonne General Medical Center

We wanted a program that was strictly cardiology. A lot of other vendors, although they have cardiology content, lack the granularity that this program provides. It’s also tailored and customized for a high-volume busy cardiology practice that sees thousands of cases a day across multiple sites.

Nick BenoitDirector of Health Information Management , Cardiovascular Institute of the South

Healthcare is complicated.
Technology should not be.

With over a decade of developing software products and solutions for Hospitals and Clinics, OMS is primed to be your extended development partner for your Software development, testing, training and maintenance needs.

Our Custom Services Include:

  • EHR Integration
  • Data Quality and Reporting
  • Clinical Research
  • Patient Portal Development
  • Patient Apps Development
  • Blue Tooth Integration
  • DICOM Integration
  • Machine Learning Projects

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