Once upon a time doctors were able to concentrate almost entirely on healing the sick. These days physicians agonize over mountains of tedious paperwork and reports thus preventing them from focusing on the patients as much as they’d like.

Being a doctor is extremely demanding — especially if you’re a cardiovascular specialist. In fact, cardiologists are some of the hardest working professionals in the medical field, typically clocking at least 60 hours per week.

But that’s not where the work stops. According to Medscape’s 2014 survey, 29% of self-employed cardiologists and 34% of employed cardiologists spend at least 10 hours per week on paperwork and administrative tasks — This doesn’t even include the amount of time spent working on patient-related work in addition to care such as writing notes, making calls, and interpreting laboratory results.

A major time-stealing culprit is the cumbersome electronic health records (EHR) and diagnostics systems typically employed at most cardiology practices across the nation. These largely generic systems have no intuitiveness in their user-interface design. Diagnostic reporting is largely chart based and offers no real clinical value in providing real-time, contextual intelligence to a physician through the integration of clinical data.

Cardiologists from Objective Medical Systems review their customized EHR

Cardiologists Dr. Peter Fail and Dr. Vinod Nair review data from Objective Medical System’s cardiology-specific EHR.

Most of today’s EHRs consider cardiology to be like any other sub-specialty. As a result, diagnostic tests are most often “scanned into” the EHR thereby losing important evidence-based data that can be analyzed to make clinical recommendations. This results in the physician trudging through multiple screens to make clinical decisions.

With so much time and energy not focused on actually healing the sick, how can cardiologists cope? Interestingly enough, a significant amount of time lost to EHRs can be reclaimed.

Our team of cardiologists came together to overcome those challenges, ultimately developing EHR software and diagnostic tools that could efficiently manage vital patient information for cardiology practices. Objective Medical Systems EHR is specifically designed for a cardiologist and incorporates a seamless workflow for a cardiology specialist with tight integration through the OMS Diagnostic module.

OMS EHR was founded on the premise that the specialty of cardiology is very different from the rest of the sub-specialties and general medicine. Our system was designed from the ground up with the busy cardiologist in mind. Now ask yourself, who better to understand EHR cardiology challenges than cardiologists themselves?

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