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OMS DiagnosticsTM

The OMS DiagnosticsTM cloud based platform is a cardiovascular diagnostic reporting solution which provides an integrated solution to physicians and technologists to create, interpret and report on a wide array of diagnostic modalities like Echocardiogram, Myocardial Perfusion Imaging, PET, Holter, EKG, Ambulatory Cardiac Telemetry and so on. The platform is continuously enhanced to integrate with more emerging cardiovascular diagnostic studies namely Cardiac Catheterization and Intervention Module and Electrophysiology Module.

A screenview of the OMS Cardiology Suite: Cardiac Catheterization Lab - Objective Medical Systems

The OMS DiagnosticsTM cloud based platform simplifies cardiac catheterization and intervention reporting by interactive manipulation of a 3-D model of the heart. Various characteristics of the coronary arteries can be illustrated on this model along with dragging and dropping of PCI balloon catheters, stents, and other adjunct interventional devices. The OMS DiagnosticsTM cloud based platform captures discrete data elements and generates procedure reports in the background in real time.


The Electrophysiology (EP) module of the OMS DiagnosticsTM cloud based platform will interface with your existing analyzer to capture data necessary to accurately report on electrophysiology procedures.

Storing discrete data during the procedure will allow for complete interpretation and documentation of all required elements not only eliminating errors but saving significant time for the performing physicians. These reports transfer seamlessly into your existing electronic health record.

* This module is currently under development.

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